20 December 2011

MOLTEN GOLD - Rock Stylish!

I've been a fan of upscale sink manufacturer Stone Forest for a number of years. I've written about their stunning onyx sinks in the past and am now gushing over their basalt beauties.

I readily admit to not knowing a ton about this material. Here's what the experts say about it:

Basalt Basics

As the most plentiful rock on earth, basalt has designers reveling in its abundance. Grey to black in color, its fine crystal grains offer a unique composition as a result of rapid cooling lava. Whether used in its organically-weathered surface or polished to create streamlined contours, the duality in its texture creates a stunning aesthetic contrast.

Origin: Oceanic crust is composed predominantly of basalt, produced from upwelling mantle below ocean ridges or at the surfaces of volcanoes.

Due to its durability and utilitarian nature, basalt is often used in railroad construction, highway engineering and as an aggregate in roads and asphalt. Basalt also lends itself as a main structural component in floor tiles.

Healing: Stone therapy -- if you're a metaphysical enthusiast! -- is the combined use of hot and cold stones in re-establishing energy balance. Therapeutic basalt massage stones are renowned for their healing energy and are based in Oriental disciplines, where the duality of temperatures is believed to improve blood circulation and the elimination of toxins.

So... with all of this going for it, it's no wonder we're seeing a terrific basalt collection at this juncture. Who couldn't use some durability or healing energy these days?

The Collection

Wave Pedestal Mimicking the movement of water, the Wave Pedestal by Stone Forest in honed basalt captures a graceful current frozen in time. I love how its old world material meets new world design. Wouldn't this be a smashing powder room fixture?

Slab Vanity in Basalt The Honed Basalt Slab Vanity on Stainless Stand is a stylish contemporary fixture. It can be drilled to accept any faucet hole configuration and its lower shelf can hold towels, as shown, or storage boxes or baskets.

SYNC Drop-in Vessel Sink SYNC by Stone Forest is an award-winning modular concept offering multiple combinations of sinks, countertops and shelving made from natural stone and stainless steel. The first ones I spotted several years ago were made of elegant onyx. The newest Sync addition is part of this basalt collection. All of the components slide into wall-mounted, stainless steel brackets that also double as towel bars at each end of the floating vanity. The honed basalt and stainless steel components look earthy and rich together, better even than the onyx or bamboo pairings, in my opinion. The system also features stainless steel drain covers.

The Stone Forest Brand

Stone Forest has been creating contemporary elements for the kitchen, bath and landscape using natural materials since 1989. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the boutique manufacturer has a unique understanding of the tolerances of different stones and precious materials. All of their architectural designs are sculpted from organic sources, such as limestone, marble, bamboo, copper and onyx.

Stone Forest’s collections include vessel and pedestal sinks, bath tubs, furniture, fountains and outdoor sculptures. The company has won numerous awards, including the Good Design Award and Interior Design magazine’s "Best of Year" Award.

The Facts

Warranty: Five years


Wave Pedestal $2,200
Slab Vanity $1,150
SYNC Drop-in Vessel Sink $990

Website: http://www.stoneforest.com/kitchen-bath/


  1. I agree, Ruby! Thanks for your comment and for visiting Gold Notes. I hope you'll stop back often!

  2. The "wave pedestal" is simply wonderful, so simple, sleek and attractive.

  3. It sure is, Bobby. I can definitely see spec'ing that in one of my clients' powder rooms.

  4. I too have used these fittings in our house.These sinks are very beautiful and stylish.We have stone forest brand in our kitchen and many people envy us for this reason.

  5. I fell in love with their Onyx Infinity sink when I first saw it a few years ago. Been keeping my eye on the brand ever since.

    Thanks for visiting Gold Notes and sharing your thoughts. Happy Holidays... I hope you'll visit again in 2012!


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