02 August 2011

Barbie's Dream House: Part I -- Before It's Built

Earlier this summer, I learned that Mattel and the American Institute of Architects teamed up to host a Barbie’s Dream House competition for architects. I loved the concept and thought I’d have some fun with it myself…

Barbie I Can Be architect doll by Mattel

While her dream home is being designed and built, which, as we all know, takes much longer in real life than it does on TV, Barbie will need a comfortable place to live. She wants to rent in the Malibu area, so that she’s close to the construction site and her pre-Ken gal pals, (you know, the ones who stuck by her through that awful break-up).

Malibu Barbie by Mattel - circa 1971

I did some looking around for my childhood pal and found a complex online that I thought she’d enjoy for a while. I’ve been too busy working on my book this summer to drive up to LA in person. I didn't even get to Dwell on Design this year. Barbie can have her manager, agent or personal assistant check it out for her. Sometimes these places look much nicer on the Internet than they do in real life.

It does look pretty sweet online, I must say! Villa Malibu has a pool with cabanas, 24-hour fitness center, tennis courts, barbecue and even a Zen Meditation Garden for when the house project gets stressful. It’s also pretty close to the beach, and there’s nothing more calming than a walk along the water’s edge.

There’s a beach porter who will take Barbie and her buds to Zuma, a personal assistant for errands, a chauffeur for airport, restaurant and shopping trips, and a concierge to schedule massages, dining reservations, spa visits, even yoga classes.

There are two and three bedroom models with fireplaces, balconies, separate soaking tubs and – you know this is important to our girl – huge walk-in closets. She’s been collecting clothes for decades now!

So, for however many months it takes to finish the design, get it through Coastal permitting and get it built, Barbie will have a lovely place to live and enjoy with her BFFs... Waiting for my invite, girlfriend!

Photo Notes: All photos except Barbie images are from the Villa Malibu website

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