22 July 2010

Go-to Gold: Appliance Pro Guest Post

In honor of Gold Notes' second anniversary this month, I've invited colleagues to share their own favorite Go-to design product sources for GN's new Go-to Gold series. For appliances, my own go-to gal was Julie Warner of Warners' Stellian. This 60-year-old, family-owned business has seven showrooms in Minnesota and nationwide shipping.

Julie is incredibly savvy and generous with her expertise. You can read her regularly at the informative Warners’Stellian Kitchen and Home Appliance Blog.
Here is Julie’s Go-to Gold list for top-notch appliances.

Warner on appliances

When Jamie asked me to choose my go-to brands for appliances, my first instinct was that I don't have go-to brands. I try to listen to the customer and then choose the product based on their needs. And I'm sure that many designers feel this way, as well. But of course, certain brands within an appliance category get specified into projects more often than others and end up arguably being my go-to products. Disclaimer: All the products I'm writing about, we sell both in our stores and online at our website.


Sub-Zero invented the built-in refrigerator. Its products prove the most reliable long-term because of their quality and design. Sub-Zero also offers the most models available to fit any installation needs, from columns, to all-freezer/all-refrigerators that can be placed anywhere, to refrigeration and freezer drawers. When I bring people in to look at a Sub-Zero, they're going to find what they're looking for.

The SUB-736TCI is probably our most popular model


Dacor ranges have become a favorite of mine because they're not overdone; you don't see them in everyone's high-end kitchen. Plus, I think they're more elegant looking in many cases. They're a family-owned company -- which we love! -- that makes its products here in America at a lower price point than other comparable brands.

Dacor lets design drive its styling, too. For instance, Epicure offers an entire line of traditional-style products, whereas Millenia lends a modern look throughout its products. Finishes include stainless, glass and colors. Aside from ranges, Dacor cooktops and wall ovens also offer phenomenal cooking performance.

Dacor's 36" Epicure dual-fuel range offers phenomenal cooking performance


If I sell someone Miele laundry, it will stay sold. Basically, this stuff's built to last. The capacity is good and Miele has all the features clients ask for. People spend a lot of money on their clothes, so I argue they should buy a product that's going to take care of them.
I also choose Miele for dishwashers, because they are built to last the longest. Miele dishwashers never let me down, client-wise. Clients love them, and then can't help but tell their friends about them, so we get a good deal of referrals specifically for these. Most of our showroom staff aspires to have a Miele dishwasher, which says a lot. Families will appreciate how intuitive the loading is, but I think it also makes sense for single people because of its versatility, quietness and energy efficiency.
A dishwasher gets used and abused, so it makes sense to purchase a well-built model. I'm comfortable selling it to anyone and everyone. And it's absolutely worth the extra money because it will last the longest.

Built to last: Miele's G2472SCVI


Vent-A-Hood invented the range hood. Its product line proves the quietest, safest and most versatile in its styling. Locally, we also like Vent-A-Hood because its blower systems match Minnesota's ratings for CFM restrictions.
I could go on: Vent-A-Hood products are powerful, easy-to-clean and efficient.

The BH140SLD is very popular for mantel-style hoods


  1. Great tips from a pro!

    Thanks for having Julie on your blog, Jamie- Super advice.

  2. I need to follow those steps. I think that is going to change my lifestyle. I want to thank you for sharing these very helpful tips. You are so kind to share this tips.

  3. I just must appreciate your this approach that "I try to listen to the customer and then choose the product based on their needs." I like the post very much. The Tips you have provided here are really very good.

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