01 July 2010

Details #4 - The Hardware Edition

This is the fourth of a five-part, first week of the month series with The Decorating Diva. Each of the five Details editions will focus on a single room detail that can make a huge difference in the success of that space's style.

Last month we looked at fabrics. This segment focuses on hardware, in particular, the knobs and pulls that adorn cabinetry. (There's also great hardware available for your paneled appliances, pantry and entry doors.)

Never underestimate the power of heavenly hardware to enhance the look of a room. For example, consider how the simple, curved cabinet door handles echo the curve and finish of the appliance handles and tie in with the coastal simplicity of this kitchen.

Kitchen designed by Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS

Try to imagine this kitchen with naked doors and drawers, or with cheap plastic hardware. Either would totally detract from the otherwise pulled-together room. Cabinet hardware is one of the simplest -- and often most affordable -- ways to dress up a kitchen or bath or change its style to fit your new decor.

Here are some great knobs and pulls to consider, even if you're not planning a major redo. Small touches can make a big difference!

Wood and Metal Collection pull from Topex can take a plain jane door and turn it into a stylish slab style contemporary.

This Traditional Violet Glass Knob from Restoration Hardware can dress up painted white doors with cottage charm.

The new Italian Design Collection, also from Topex, can take your basic kitchen cabinets from blah to bellissima.

This Simple Bin Pull from Rejuvenation is timeless and will coordinate handsomely with a transitional Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet and creamy white cabinets.

At the other end of the style spectrum is Anthropologie's Mother-of-Pearl Knob. This beauty would elegantly bejewel a traditional style master bath.

I love the eclectic geometry of Du Verre's Marcel collection. Use it to add some fun and style to your standard kitchen or bath cabinets.

Consider alternative materials to add texture and taste to your stained wood cabinets. Here's a great look in leather by Atlas Homewares.

Consider these essential tips when updating your cabinet hardware:

* Buy at least one extra piece per style so that if you have an issue later, (which inevitably happens right after the series has been discontinued), you won't have to replace the whole room's hardware.

* Pulls are measured from screw to screw. Measure your existing holes before hardware shopping so that you can find new ones with the same spread. This will keep you from having to cover old holes with wood putty or backer plates.

* Consider the styles and finishes of the other hardware in your room -- e.g., appliance handles, door handles, faucets -- and consider coordinating your knobs and pulls for a more consistent look.

Enjoy the entire Details series!

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