17 August 2008


Every year, the leading companies in the kitchen and bath industry gather for the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show, the largest gathering of manufacturers, dealers and designers in North America. This year, the National Kitchen & Bath Association, which produces KBIS, decided to feature official bloggers to cover the show as it occurred. I was one of those bloggers. My beat was "luxury products."

This posting extends beyond the luxury market, though, to products that could benefit any of our kitchens. Here are those I feel are the most helpful, and fill the greatest need.


The first is Thermador's recirculating unit for its downdraft ventilation system. While downdrafts and recirculating models are less powerful than a conventional hood vented outdoors, this is a good solution for condo kitchens with island cooktops where outside venting isn't an option. I had one of those projects earlier this year and was delighted to find this solution at the show. Sister company, Bosch, is also offering a recirculating unit for its downdrafts. They're expected to be available by the end of August 2008.


Here's another innovation in cooking ventilation systems from Miele. This one elevates when not in use. It is ideal for open plan kitchens with killer views, that would be partially obstructed by a standard hood. Shown here: Model DA424 is scheduled for October or November 2008 release.


These are not a new introduction, but nonetheless merit a mention as they've more than proved their value, and showed up at most of the fixture companies' booths. They are ideal for an island-based cooktop or range, where a wall-mounted pot-filler won't work. Shown: Hansgrohe's Talis S Pot Filler, Deck-Mounted.


Just about every appliance manufacturer was showing an induction cooktop at KBIS. Viking was the only one I spotted with an induction range in the works. This is ideal for homeowners who want to replace appliances, not cabinets. The new induction range, expected at the end of this year or early 2009, can fit in the same spot as a 30-inch gas or electric range, and save you money on your utility bills. For more induction advantages, please see my earlier posting on this topic. If you'd like a sneak peak at the KBIS-displayed range prototype, you can click here at my KBIS Blog - Day One entry and scroll down three snapshots to see the photograph I took at the Viking booth.


While on the subject of induction cooking which, by now, you know I heartily endorse, this induction wok from German manufacturer, Kuppersbusch, is a great kitchen addition for those who enjoy stir-fry.


If you'd love to have a double oven, but have a space-challenged kitchen, you'll love this innovation from GE Profile. It allows you to cook in two ovens while only using the space requirements of one. The larger, lower oven can accommodate a 22-pound turkey, while the upper one cooks side dishes. This is the perfect holiday helper, and is expected to debut October 2008.


Asko introduced two dishwasher innovations: a third rack for low-profile items like bowls and a special rack for extra glasses. Electrolux added a light to the interior of their dishwasher, which is handy if you drop something in the bottom after a late-night snack attack.


Fisher & Paykel, the folks who energized the dishwasher category with their double drawer model several years ago, have come up with something new, unique and very convenient. It’s a refrigerator. It’s a freezer. You set the temperature for your current need, then change it in the future if those needs changed. This versatile, single drawer-based appliance can live in your cooking zone under a cooktop, so no more carrying a slab of ribs across the kitchen. I can see this chiller also working well in a catering kitchen, a Kosher kitchen, (which frowns on dairy fraternizing with meat), a wheelchair-user’s kitchen, given its upper drawer placement, and my next kitchen, too.


Imagine if your refrigerator alerted you if one of its doors was left open, (or if there was a malfunction threatening your perishables). You don't have to imagine any longer. Miele's new RemoteVision technology will do that for you. It won't tell you which son or daughter left the fridge open, but at least you'll know to phone home and get someone to close it! Shown below: One of Miele's refrigerator/freezer models with RemoteVision -- KF 1901 SF.


Look for an upcoming "Top Bathroom Products from KBIS 2008" posting.


If you're interested in more information about any of these appliances not furnished here or on the company's web sites, please let me know. I may be able to get your questions answered through my manufacturers' contacts.

Also, if you live in the Tampa, Florida area, feel free to contact me to run some local comparison pricing for you. I do long-distance consulting on appliance planning, too, but not price comparisons out of area. Feel free to contact me at (813) 810-0467 or jamie@jgkitchens.com.


  1. My new Rangemaster 110 really worth all the effort. This new gas cooker is now the king in the kitchen.

  2. These products looks awesome. I will definitely have to add that to my next house.

  3. John, you might want to check out the 2011 guide:


    The info there is much more current!


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