09 February 2009


Ah, whimsy, Cupid's favorite flavor. It lifts our hearts, our minds, our rooms.

In the spirit of lighthearted love, I've penned this whimsical, hyperlinked pictorial Valentine's Day rhyme. Enjoy the poem and pics. Click on any image to learn more about the item. Hug your honey every day this week of love. I know I will.

Ranges are red

Wall tiles are blue

Chocolate's SOOOO sweet...

But design gifts are, too!

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine's great... And my readers are, too! Thank you for dropping in.



  1. haha love it! best thing ive read all day! youve put a big smile on my face! Its off the subject i know but i just love your blog and was wondering what theme youve gone for? it looks really cool!

  2. Glad you loved it, John! I can't recall what theme I went for back then. My current place has a relaxed, casual theme/vibe to it. I moved in late November and am greatly enjoying the process of personalizing it.


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