31 March 2009

Garden Stools -- Not Just for Gardens Anymore!

I’ve never been a gardener, but I’ve long enjoyed the versatile appeal of garden stools! Maybe you’ve heard of these clever items -- sometimes called drum tables -- as they’ve gained quite a following lately. (It’s both frustrating and vindicating to see them show up as the design tool du jour everywhere I look lately!)

I thought I’d share these flexible seating-occasional table-plant stand-pedestals with you, my readers, as they are a wonderfully colorful, clever way to decorate both your outdoor and indoor spaces!

Here are a few of my recent faves:

From Art & Artifact,
a pair of Lattice Garden Stools combines to serve as a coffee table grouping

At West Elm, their Morroccan Drum Table doubles as a nightstand

Wisteria features
go-anywhere Metallic Chinese Garden Stools in silver and gold

Pottery Barn takes their Ceramic Garden Stool
back outside as a chaise end table

Z Gallerie kicks it up a notch!
Palmer Stools in green or orange add energy to your indoor or outdoor living spaces

Williams Sonoma Home goes traditional
with Decorative Floral Embossed Floral Garden Seat
serving as a side table

While FineGardenProducts.com goes modern
with Angular Ceramic Garden Seat in five colors

Tonic Home gets a little wild
with the Zebra Garden Stool working as a plant stand
(note - photo from Ballard Designs, which is no longer carrying the item)

HOMEdeco-direct makes it rustic
Cinnabar Ceramic Garden Stool could bring Asian flair to country cabin


  1. I was recently at the TJ Maxx Home Store in Brentwood, TN (borders nashville city limits)and I noticed their display of garden stools. They had a wonderful collection of these garden stools in different sizes, shapes, and colors at very reasonable prices.

  2. Great post! interesting garden stools and drum stools featured on this post. twin purpose furniture are hangy and less space occupying.

  3. These are fun. I especially like the colorful ones. You've got me wondering where I might have space for one--either inside or out!

    Thanks for joining my party today. Hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  4. I've been seeing these. I wouldn't dare sit on them.

  5. This post is like a breath of fresh spring air!

  6. Loving West Elm's Moroccan style garden stool. They make for some great decor, but I don't think I'd sit on them. They're far too pretty!

  7. Hi Jamie! Great post. You know I've never really noticed garden drums before. Now that you have shown me the variety available and the different uses, I have a few spots in mind where these might work in my home. Thanks!

  8. Garden stools are also getting used for other purposes. That's why, the gardeners are buying the new model stools.

    bar stool

  9. Just bought 2 of these marvelous stools at (believe it or not)"Big Lots"...for $20ea!! Red and a white one...I already had a beautiful Indian one out by the pool...yumm!

  10. Some garden tools in here have a lots of purpose in which its really a great detailed to our garden things to do at home. Great tips in here. Love it

  11. Thanks for all the great comments! FYI, I recently bought myself an orange garden stool variation at West Elm for my living room.

  12. Not only for the garden. I also use a "garden" stool in my home office as it matches the contemporary look of the ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron chairs I have. They look great holding a plant or a few books.


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