18 November 2009

MOLTEN GOLD - Sink Supreme

MOLTEN GOLD is another new Gold Notes feature. Launched earlier this month, MG will focus on hot new products or companies that can add luster to your home. Last time, we looked at a great line of eco-friendly faucets. Today, we'll step into the kitchen for an award-winning innovation.

Revolution, not evolution

Dan Sullivan solved a problem no one had thought about before, the dreadful drain. The sink he invented eliminated that ugly seam around your drain and disposal that catches gunk and creates an eyesore.

Dan Sullivan, inventor of the Affluence Seamless Sink, comes from a long line of plumbers. His invention may make him one of their best friends!

His Affluence Seamless Sink is a work of beauty. It's also, according to the company, a quicker, easier installation for your plumber. Why haven't sinks been made this way all along, some have asked. Sullivan wondered that, too. He took his invention to all the major fixture firms, (you know, the ones whose sinks you find at Home Depot, Lowes and Fergusons)... And was turned down by all of them. Here are some of the responses he says he's been given:
  • Sinks have been this way for 50 years, nobody's complaining, why change.
  • It means a whole new line of inventory and we already have six.
  • The institutional memory of plumbers was too strong. It will take 5 years for them to get it.
  • We are in the sink business, not the disposer attaches to sink business.
Like any great American inventor, Sullivan was not deterred by doubt. He made the sink through his own company and sells it online, as well as through far-sighted plumbing stores. And it is a thing of beauty.

The Affluence Seamless Sink

I first mentioned this brand when it won the Best of Competition and Gold Award for the Kitchen category at this year's Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in May. I believe it's earned its own Molten Gold posting, especially with its latest beauty!

Crisp elegance - Affluence Seamless Sink SR3019-8

Besides being darned good-looking, these sinks are made of premium 18 gauge stainless steel with a light European brushed finish. They've got sound-proofing pads and undercoating to reduce clean-up noise in your kitchen.

Look Mom, no ring around the drain! Model D3421L9-7

Among their innovations are a pair of dishwasher-friendly disposal splash guards that come with each sink. This allows you to clean one while you're using the other, and prevents the build-up of bacteria present in the permanently-installed versions so common in American households.

All the parts you need, including the strainer basket and splash guards, are included with each Affluence Seamless Sink.

There are even bar sinks in the Affluence Seamless Sink family

The Brand

Affluence Seamless Sinks were invented and patented by Dan Sullivan's design firm, Create Good, LLC. They're based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The sinks themselves are actually manufactured in China, by the same plant that makes another respected U.S. brand. According to Affluence's web site, they're currently developing some new toilets and shower heads. This is definitely a company to watch.

The Facts

Warranty: Lifetime

Pricing: Full-sized $695 to $845
Bar sinks $295 to $545

Purchase: Online at Affluence Seamless Sink Showroom or at a local dealer

Website: seamlesssink.com

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