14 November 2010

I've Got a Sinking Feeling!

Never underestimate the power of a kitchen sink! It is one of the hardest-working features of your kitchen. It is also one of the most taken-for-granted.

In January 2011, I'll be part of a group of six design bloggers traveling to Cologne, Germany to meet the talent behind Blanco. Blanco is one of my favorite kitchen industry manufacturers, a firm whose sensational sinks I've been writing about since I launched Gold Notes in 2008.

Their booth is a must-see whenever I attend the North American Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, as I know they'll be showing off some cool new German engineering feature when I get there! (Guess you could say they're the BMW of fixtures!)

Blanco is paying all the travel expenses for our group - Paul Anater, Susan Serra, Leslie Clagett, Cheryl Kees Clendenon, Kevin Henry and yours truly - to visit their factory and meet with their engineers and designers.

Smart, strong and sexy -- the Blanco Silgranit Performa

This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to share feedback and ideas with a forward-thinking firm that already makes some of the best products on the market. Chances are, too, that they'll be showing us some of the products they're working on for 2011 and beyond. How incredibly cool is that???

I'm particularly drawn to their Silgranit sinks, which offer tremendous Sensible Style benefits to their owners:
  • They're extremely durable
  • They're super-low maintenance
  • They have numerous accessories available to make your clean-up chores easier
  • They're easy to live with and maintain
  • They look darned good!

For those who like their sinks sharp and sleek - the Blanco Precis!

So, here's why I'm writing this post now, rather than waiting to see all the new goodies we'll undoubtedly be shown overseas: I want your input!

Please tell me...
  • What do you detest about your current kitchen sink?
  • What features would you love to see in your next kitchen sink that your current one lacks?
  • What sink accessories do you wish existed today?
  • Is there a shape or size you wish existed that you've never found?
  • Is there a color you'd love to see in a sink?

A Blanco Diamond sink can be a girl's best friend!

Thanks for your feedback. I'll be sharing it with the Blanco team when I get there and thaw out!

PS: I'll also be sharing some of the trends and products I'm sure I'll be seeing at the debut of IMM's Living Kitchen trade show that week!


  1. I think this particular sink design by Blanco is one of their slicker concepts. In fact I’ve blogged myself about Blanco quite a bit and will be going to Toronto, Canada at the end of January on an all-expenses-paid trip with other members of the Blanco Design Team to tour their Canadian plant and visit the Interior Design Show 2011. I am frankly looking forward to being able to go from sink to sink for comparison purposes.

    As for the design itself, what I most want for our kitchen is one of those food-preparation-in-the-sink concepts. They all begin with a cutting board that slides back and forth on a track of some sort, to keep it from just skating around the sink. Beyond that, there is any number of sizes, shapes, configurations, and layouts, all of which tend to work well. I think what I would most like to see in this sink concept is something that enables one to use bowls in the sink to neatly catch chopped items and the like. The other thing I would very much like to see is something innovative for the smaller sink, as ours is not a large kitchen, so space is very much at a premium. Far too many of the concepts I have seen are way cool… and way too large for our kitchen!

  2. Don't want to spoil your expectations because there will be lots to see on your trip to Germany. However, I haven's seen or heard any "breaking news" when it comes to kitchen sinks. Maybe we are spoiled here in Europe with Franke, Blanco, Reginox, Stala and some others just around the corner. The last real innovation came by Blanco when they introduced the Claron series. The idea of the Zerox line was developed by a Dutch company called ABK. A real innovation imho is called Pitt cooking and I'm sure you'll see it in Colonge. We sell it too in our Corian, CaesarStone, Glass and TopCore worktops http://www.erbi.nl/pittcooking

    Wishing you a lovely trip Jamie!


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