13 September 2011

NIFTY NUGGETS – Lutron’s Maestro IR Fan/Light Control

I’ve decided to start an occasional Gold Notes series of small, helpful finds I come across on my design projects. Some will come from clients’ kitchen or bath redos. This Nifty Nugget launch post comes from my own Chez J townhouse updates.

When I bought my place in late 2010, I knew I would replace the hideous light fixture in the second bedroom with a ceiling fan. While I’m not generally in favor of fans with light kits, it was the simplest, most affordable solution to get both light and coolness for that space.

The challenge was to find a switch that would handle both fan and light kit independently. (Yes, I know I could have gotten a remote control to do the job, but I didn’t want one.) Lutron had the perfect solution.

The Maestro IR Fan/Light Control (MIR-LFQTHW) not only lets me turn on the overhead light and fan, (or just one of them), in the same amount of space as one switch, it also lets me dim the lights and adjust the fan speed on the same control… So, no more inconvenient pull-chain operation! Thank you, Lutron, thank you, wireless IR transmitter technology!

(Real version doesn't have a black bar on it)

This clever control came to the rescue again recently when I wanted to add a ceiling fan to my office, which only had four recessed can lights up to that point. A licensed electrician recommended by my go-to gal for all things lighting, Vicky Lodge of VML Designs, tied in the lighting wires to a Maestro control I bought for the office. He then made it work with the fan he braced and installed. The Maestro replaced the original light-only switch in the exact same spot to minimize work and expense.

This Lutron innovation proved to be a simple, affordable, elegant solution for two of my own projects, and one I wouldn’t hesitate to spec for a client job either.


  1. this will save our electricity consumption.

  2. I do believe there are some energy benefits, ACA, but I'm mainly bullish on the device's versatility in meeting design challenges.


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