22 May 2012

MOLTEN GOLD – Color Forms

When I was a kid, I played with a creative toy called Colorforms, which let you take whichever bright colors and shapes appealed to you from the box and slap them onto a neutral background.  When Pyrolave's eye-popping yellow sink photo landed in my in-box last week, it brought that colorful play back to mind. 

So many kitchens and bathrooms today are like those Colorforms' blank, neutral backgrounds, begging for some energy, drama, fun...  COLOR!  If you like your sinks with a splash of dash, (and can justify spending lots of cash), Pyrolave's new lava stone offerings might appeal to you, too.

Lava Basics 

Volvic lava stone is extracted from the heart of volcanic craters in Auvergne, France. Engineers imbue the stone with colorful enamels and fire it at temperatures exceeding 1000° C. The finished material is incredibly durable. It’s able to withstand high temperatures and corrosive products, making it ideal for residential and commercial kitchens, bathrooms, tabletops, swimming pools, fireplace facades and outdoor living spaces. 

The Sinks 

The sink models shown here are just a starting point. Designers (and homeowners) can give their imagination full rein as each Pyrolave kitchen and bath sink is a unique creation crafted from their designs.   There are 16 delicious glossy and 16 soft matte colors from which to choose.  

The Pyrolave Brand 

I primarily knew this French firm for its luxurious (and lavishly beautiful) lava stone countertops.  I didn’t know that they also made sinks and architectural products.   Pyrolave is the world’s largest manufacturer of enameled lava stone. Headquartered in France, the company has studios across the world and has been importing its product line to the United States through J. Pauwels LLC since 1993. 

Using self-taught techniques, skilled craftsmen and engineers shape, color and glaze the stone into a finished product line renowned for its beauty and durability. Pyrolave can be found in the finest hotels, luxury resorts and the kind of homes you find in the glossiest magazines. 

The Facts 

Warranty:  No warranty

Pricing:  Starts at $4,500 

Website: pyrolave.com

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