12 June 2012

Molten Gold - Hidden Virtues

I've got a great gig.  As a member of the Blanco Design Council, I get to see the company’s cool new gear before most other folks – even before it hits the North American market.  Crystalline was one of the babies I spotted at the IMM/Living Kitchen Show in Cologne last year. It was just officially launched here, too, and I’m looking forward to specifying it in future client kitchens – especially the compact, space-challenged variety! 

About the Concept 

European designers are very familiar with small kitchens and Blanco's Crystalline was engineered to stylishly multitask in these settings. Instead of merely treating the sink as a cleaning station, the German design team found a way to use it as extra work space by incorporating a glass counter that hides the sink when it’s not in use. Ergo, you can now hide your dirty dishes when company comes over. And space-challenged urbanites can store their pots in the oven, as they have forever, or now in the sink! 

About the Sink 

The new “vanishing sink” is perfect for islands or butlers’ pantries, as well as small kitchens. The Crystalline features 18-gauge stainless and MicroEdge technology, showcasing sleek style and easy cleanability. It’s extremely compact at 20-1/2” by 17-1/2” and 7-1/8” depth and its cover comes in either black or white to coordinate with your other kitchen finishes. The integrated opaque safety glass functions as counter space, cutting board and sink concealer. A small upper tray is perfect for storing sponges. 

One of my favorite details is the pop-up European strainer button that drains the sink without putting a hand in dishwater. (I wrote about these in my Missed in America post; I’m delighted that they’re here now, too!) 

About my Blanco Connection 

Before I segue to my standard company background section (below), I’d like to share my background on the Blanco Design Council and the potential bias it implies. Blanco makes some of my favorite sinks. I’ve been a Silgranit and Silgranit II fan for years, as the composite material makes for a superbly Sensible Style sink. My writings came to the company’s attention and I was invited onto the Blanco Design Council a few years ago. 

In this capacity, I was flown to Germany in 2011 and taken to their booth at the IMM/LivingKitchen Show, given tours of their factories, briefed their executives on trends, and was generally hosted in high style by and with the company's executives. I also designed an unpaid display for one of their catalogs and am often asked for feedback on upcoming product introductions.  So this Molten Gold entry is not something I stumbled across randomly.  

Here’s what I won’t do: Write about a product I don’t believe in for any reason; misrepresent a product, or accept compensation of any form – including hospitality – without disclosing it to you. Are we good? Feel free to comment publicly below or email me if you have any concerns whatsoever. 

About the Blanco Brand 

For three generations, Blanco has been creating luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, the company has been steadfastly committed to its tradition of quality, innovation, design and customer service since 1925. Today, Blanco is the only supplier in the world to produce its own sinks from start to finish in three materials: stainless, fireclay and composite. 

The Facts 

Warranty: Limited lifetime. 

Pricing: $2,495 

Website: Blancoamerica.com

Photos:  Courtesy of Blanco America


  1. Jamie, that looks fabulous. I'd definitely incorporate that into an island. Unfortunately, my kitchen layout does not lend itself to an island, but I somehow make-do with my huge single-bowl Kohler. That pop-up strainer button is a wonderful feature; think we'll be seeing that "pop up" in lots of places.

  2. I'm a big fan of the pop-ups, too! I'm hoping it's the start of an industry take-over. Thanks for your feedback, Jean!

  3. Such metallic silvery finish is so soothing to look at - it seems Blanco is making a habit of churning out great designs with impeccable looks and features. Thanks for sharing this insightful post with us!

  4. You're most welcome. My next sink will be a Blanco, too! Appreciate your stopping by and sharing, Kevin. Please continue to check back weekly.


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