23 June 2009

Father's Day Gifts Dad Should Have Gotten!

So your dad got another tie this year. Whoopee. Here are some of the Father's Day gifts dads around the country might have enjoyed - might be enjoying as you read this, in fact - had their kids been as cool as my readers. You know what they like, right? However, if you were too preoccupied with other things and missed the mark this year, consider something from this list for 2010...


My favorite local outdoor resource is Just Grillin' -- a Tampa firm that sells and installs all things wonderful for outdoor cooking and entertaining. Owner Heather Driscoll's 'guy gets' this season include:

Just Grillin' also sells outdoor entertainment systems, and likes SunBrite All-Weather Outdoor LCD Televisions. Wouldn't your dad love a 46" big screen while he barbecues!

Architect Dean Larkin, AIA, of Dean Larkin Design has a Southern California clientele that spends more time outdoors than in. Dean likes these:

The Patio-Daddy-o in our household loves to relax after a long workweek. His lounger of choice is a comfy hammock.


Some guys love their cars, their tool chests, their final frontier - the garage! Gladiator GarageWorks has a complete line of great gear for the car palace. Their newest components to a full line of storage goodies features a Golf Caddy and GearChest.

I'm also awfully fond of the garage-rated fridge from the Gladiator series... After all, dads get thirsty working out there for hours.

If you want to spiff up your dad's garage, one of GarageFloor.com's spiffy floor solutions might be a welcome gift.


Here's my husband's favorite reading chair. We've got his covered in super-comfy, easy-clean Everyday Suede.

Here's another great man chair your dad might enjoy.

While your dad's relaxing, he might also enjoy listening to his favorite music. Here's a sleek, stylish system to set near his favorite chair.

Another place your Dad enjoys being comfortable is in the bathroom. (Who doesn't, really?) One small luxury for cold climates is a towel warmer. Carisa offers a wide selection of stylish models that will look (and work) great in most baths.

For yummy towels, I really like Macy's Hotel Collection. They're plush, soft and now available in organic cotton. Dads love over-sized bath sheets!

While your Dad is shaving, he might enjoy catching his favorite news, sports or financial coverage on a built-in TV. (I want one in my next house!)


Dads love memorabilia of their favorite moments in sports, history or entertainment. Enhance his man cave with something personalized to his passions. Here are a few ideas.

Poster from his favorite film

Collectible from his favorite historic event or era


Whatever your Dad's hobbies or interests, show him how special he is next Father's Day with one of these great gifts! And, whatever you do, please bypass the tie section!


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  1. Forno Bravo is my most secret I-don't-dare-wish-for-this desire. Thanks for reading my mind!

  2. Heck, I'd like to have most of these things myself!! Especially the pizza oven. Mmmmm, pizza!!!

    My dad got a selection of beers from around the world for Father's Day. Not as impressive as your gift suggestions, but better than a tie, yes?? :-)


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  4. Design Ties. I agree... Many are on my wish list, too. Especially the Seura TV mirror. I have to say, you did a ton better in the Dad department this year than our family!

    Seura, thanks for posting your info. As noted above, (more than once), you're on my wish list!

  5. I really like that r. hardware recliner - it's one of my favorites! so pretty and functional too.

  6. Thanks for adding us to your list! We hope all the dad's had a great Father's Day (and got the Gladiator Gear they wanted!) ;)

    We shared this post and your blog with our community of fans on Facebook; come join us as fan!


  7. Wow,,

    THis is so so so great!!

    my father would surely love this..

  8. Nice post! Wish I can also give all of this to my dad. I got an gift idea here. Thanks for sharing.


  9. I like the great man chair for sure my dad's might enjoy it. Keep posting!



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