01 July 2009

Color Notes: A Red-time Story

Welcome to my first Color Notes posting. The purpose of this series is to share inspiring products and helpful ideas for the many hues you might want to incorporate into your home's design scheme.

Given America's 233rd birthday this coming Saturday, I thought I'd kick off this new blog feature with Red, White and Blue.

Given Gold Notes' first birthday this month, I thought I'd also give you a triple posting week, instead of my usual one.

So... Happy Birthday, USA. Happy Birthday, Gold Notes. I hope you enjoy reading these colorful postings as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

Why red?

Red is said to stimulate your appetite, spark your creativity, energize you and ignite your passion. It's a wonderful hue -- as shown above right in Benjamin Moore's Heritage Red -- for a kitchen or dining room, where the heavenly aromas of your food will be amplified even further, and where romantic dinners might kindle even deeper romance. It's also a dynamite color for any room where you indulge a creative hobby or career. (I've got it in my design office drapes, artwork and other accents.) Finally, it could be a fun addition to a laundry room, as added energy might just spur you through that last load!

Where not to go red

I'd avoid red in a bedroom, as its intense energy might cause sleeplessness. I'd also avoid it in a bath or study intended for relaxation.

I love red with...

Turquoise, lavender and tan,
as seen together in this kitchy Japanese print fabric
on FabricAndArt.com

Pale gold, as shown here on
Pottery Barn's Harrison Stripe Shade

Light green,
as in this Waverly Southington Stripe-Berry Fabric

And of course, with Old Glory's white and blue,
shown here on Pottery Barn's Painted American Flag Art

I had tons of fun collecting red design gear to share for this posting. Some are classic, and will be very familiar to you. Others, I hope, are new and fresh and potentially exciting additions to your homescape. I hope you enjoy this gallery, and maybe find something you like here.

Red hot kitchen gear

Heat up your kitchen with
classic red Viking range!

Or with Ikea's Akurum cabinets in high-gloss red

Like your red in smaller measures?
Crate & Barrel's 60-Minute Timer might be more your speed

Sit on it!
Williams-Sonoma's Stackable Diner Chairs bring on the retro

Or speak to it
with Crosley's Classic Kitchen Phone at UrbanOutfitters.com

Get red for your peds
You know I love GelPro -- here's their red Crocodile mat

Red hot livin'

Take it outside with Grandin Road's
red Lutyens Wooden Outdoor Bench

Or take it easy on Pottery Barn's Manhattan Recliner --
One of my personal favorites

Go plush with this
Pier1 Red Roses Pillow

Get reflective with the
Giselle Mirror at Made Goods

Red gets to work

Make laundry a labor of love
with Electrolux's Red Hot Red (no kidding!) washer and dryer

Tame your library with CB2's Fu Dog Bookends

Light your tasks with Z-Bar High Power
Warm LED RedDesk Lamp on Bellacor.com

Enjoy the entire Color Notes series...


  1. Great red post :-)

    I painted a red accent wall in the family room, and I love it. I also have red accents in the FR and in the kitchen. I'm currently debating between buying a new toaster in copper or in red...

    And as you know from reading my Canada Day post, red is one of the official Canadian colours :-) And red looks good on a Mountie, eh?! As good as the ice cream is, I think the Mountie is yummier!! :-D


  2. It can't get any better than this.

  3. I really like the red theme. My company sells the red chair shown above just in case anyone was looking for it.




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