28 July 2009

Guest Post: European-Kitchen-Design Blog

Gold Notes continues its one-year anniversary celebration with a futuristic guest post. Award-winning kitchen designer, owner of New Jersey-based Kuche+Cucina and design blogger extraordinaire Amir Ilin of the european-kitchen-design blog predicts hot trends for 2010 -- yes, next year! -- in this humble space.

You may have seen Amir's award-winning designs in Signature Kitchens & Baths magazine. They'll knock your socks off. I also love how Amir always has his talented finger on the pulse of the global design scene. In fact, his top-notch blog has the most comprehensive list of European kitchen companies -- organized by country, for heaven's sake! -- to make it incredibly easy to find the look you love.

I truly appreciate his contribution, and hope you enjoy this walk through his trend predictions as much as I did. Thanks, Amir!

Trend #1 - More Baths, Tighter Budgets at Lower End

Clients with lower-end budgets are going to be doing a lot less kitchens than before and more bathrooms -- as they are less expensive.

Kenmore mainstreams stainless steel

In the kitchen, they'll be looking at mainly Chinese import cabinetry and very low-end American products, where the raised panel and shaker door styles in cherry and maple are basically it. Stainless appliances and granite tops will continue to be popular.

Trend #2 - Mid-Level Clients Pare Down Details for Transitional and Contemporary Kitchens

For mid-level price point clients, though, we'll still be seeing a lot of the paint & glazed finishes, with lots of ornate moldings and carvings. People will be moving more and more towards the painted white cabinets and medium to dark stain woods, (a la Christopher Peacock).

Beaded inset and 'toned-down' architectural details -- i.e., less ornate, more clean and simple -- will prevail. Appliances are covered with panels and less stainless. Quartz and non-granite stone tops (marble, travertine, soap stone and such) will show up more in this range.

Pedini Kitchen, Designed by Amir Ilin

Another trend, in the mid-level price point, will be a shift to modern, European kitchens that are clean and minimalistic in design. In terms of colors, glossy white and darker wood tones, with aluminum accents will be popular.

Trend #3 - High-end Clients Go Modern

High end consumers will be going back to basics with plain cabinetry, minimum details and kitchens that look more like furniture -- lots of inset and fully integrated paneled appliances. Medium to dark toned stained wood and some painted white finishes will dominate. Marble and quartz will be the tops of choice.

Dune Series Cabinets from Pedini

The strong shift to the European kitchens will continue, especially in the 55-plus age group. They are already leaving the center hall colonial with the traditional kitchen. Now that the kids are gone, they want something new and exciting... The exact opposite of their last kitchen.

Dune Series Cabinets from Pedini

They're looking at very clean lines, integrated appliances and almost a 'cube-like' kitchen design -- no handles, counters with zero overhang and even counters that go down to the floor, instead of the finished ends of the cabinets. Look for lots of glossy and matt lacquer, glass, aluminum and dark woods.


  1. Ok I think I have another Amir favorite kitchen ... I have not seen this white one before (#2), love it :)

    I am excited also to see the new Pedini Dune series installations -- the sliding backsplash panels with storage are awesome!

  2. Nice post!!! Excellent stuff, love it thanks JGKitchen.

  3. I like your info.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the Cucina Custom Cabinetry. It's so clean and simple, but gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous kitchens makes my knees weak! Especially with lots of wood and stainless steel appliances.

  6. Thank you all for stopping by, and for the great feedback. Amir is brilliant, isn't he! And Pedini is a beautiful, beautiful cabinet line!

  7. The Pedini kitchen looks great. Despite its modern design, the warmth of the contemporary kitchen was still maintained.

  8. I agree! It sure is warm and great looking. They all look fabulous, don't they!

  9. Thank you everyone, for all the kind words!

  10. As a contractor, I can tell you I've seen this especially in the past few years. Great post.

  11. Amir did a great job! Thanks for stopping by.


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