14 April 2010

MOLTEN GOLD - Drainiacs

Chances are, you never think about your shower drain until it gets clogged. It's just, well, there. Not anymore...

California Faucets has brought high style to the lowly drain, and I'm absolutely loving it! In fact, I can't wait to remodel my next bathroom so I can include one of these beauties below my feet.

The StyleDrain series offers six distinct styles, with the four newest 2010 releases shown below. They're all available in 30 popular faucet and accessory finishes, so you can make it work with the faucets you already own. Or you can select one of CF's many styles. What I like about the StyleDrain series is that you have your choice of contemporary or traditional styling, so you can make it work in any shower.

Deco Line StyleDrain

Wave StyleDrain

Mission StyleDrain

Deco Swirl StyleDrain

California Faucets

California Faucets
is best known for its designer-friendly customizable bath taps. Choose a handle from this group, a spout from that one, a finish from a long list of available options. You're basically creating your own look, so that no one else in the neighborhood will have exactly the same one. The company was founded in Huntington Beach, Ca. is 1988 and embodies California's everything goes spirit. The StyleDrain concept takes it to the next level with a whole new category of designer upgrades.

The Facts

Residential Warranty: 10 Years on Drain Throat and Rough Drain; no warranty on finish

Pricing: MSRPs start at $349, up to $460

Website: http://www.calfaucets.com/


  1. Thank god drains are finally getting beautified. Little design details make such a difference.

  2. I agree! I've seen similar improvements in air vent, outlet and light switch covers. Drains were just a matter of time!

  3. Agreed. Now if only they would do something about shower rods, and more about coordinating and matching grab bars for the higher end lines...


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