18 May 2010

MOLTEN GOLD - Drainiacs II

One of the benefits of publishing your own blog is you get to write about whatever you want, even if you want to write about the same topic and company two months in a row. (Not too many print editors go for that approach, I've found.)

My last Molten Gold feature was on California Faucets' decorative StyleDrain series, which brought high style to the lowly shower drain.

This one is about California Faucets' brand new to the U.S. CeraLine drain. I love, love, love this sleek, sexy product! Apparently, others do, too, as it has won best product awards in Asia and Europe. Didn't know a shower drain could be integrated into the tile? Here's how it's done.

CeraLine comes in sizes that range from 32 to 52 inches, and in three trim styles, two metallic, one integrated with matching tile, as shown above. That's the one that knocked my socks off, stylistically-speaking.

The metallics offered are Stainless Steel finish, as well as five decorative PVD finishes that include Lifetime Satin Gold, Satin Brass, Mocha Bronze, Satin Rose Bronze, and the newly introduced Graphite. California Faucets claim that their PVD finishes are the hardest, most durable finish available and they include a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing to back up the claim.

Here's how the stainless style looks. Still sharp, but more visible.

California Faucets

California Faucets is best known for their customizable kitchen and bath taps. The company was founded in Huntington Beach, Ca. is 1988 and embodies California's everything goes spirit.

The Facts

Residential Warranty: 10 Year on parts. Lifetime warranty on PVD finishes.

Pricing: MSRPs start at $859.

Website: http://www.calfaucets.com/


  1. How'd they do that? What kind of drain set up does this require? Love, the look, boggles the mind what they will come up with next.

  2. I'm looking forward to using that one soon. Almost looks like it's impossible to drain anything from it, doesn't it?


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