28 February 2011

Kitchen Technology Guest Post

Technology is playing an ever-greater role in the kitchen, so much so that I'm considering attending the Consumer Electroncs Show next year instead of the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show.

As I'm not the techiest gal in the world, I went to Dean Larkin, AIA, my advisor on all things architectural, for his go-to guy on home electronics. That guy is David VanWert of VanWert Technology Design. I suspect that DVW may become one of my design MVPs this year.

Here's the question I threw at him to start with: What's the latest and greatest in tech gear for the kitchen? What follows is his well-informed take on the subject, in his own words.

An experienced man

I have had the pleasure of designing electronic systems for clients in California for more than 10 years. [Let me interject something here: Knowing the kind of clients Dean alone would be referring, those are some pretty A list folks!] In this time, I have seen technology grow in leaps and bounds. I have never been more excited about how new technology is so easy to use, and how it can improve our everyday lives. I have included a few of my favorite technology advances for the kitchen space.

Apple iPad

Without a doubt, the Apple iPad has been one of the most exciting devices to hit the technology market in recent memory. Not only can you browse the web, view photos, play games, and explore thousands of other apps, now you can also use it as an essential device in your kitchen!

Imagine having a flush-mounted iPad in the wall that allows you to access thousands of recipes, watch your favorite TV program, be alerted when the oven is at the right temperature, check the front door camera when guests arrive and much, much more. All of this can be made possible very easily via an iPad in conjunction with companies such as Crestron, Control 4, and Savant.

An Apple a day in a whole new way!
image provided by Creston


I have seen many gorgeous kitchens with wonderful fixtures and materials, but power outlets and light switches that stick out like sore thumbs. Until now, you were, at best, able to color-match the wall plate or chose a solid color to help it "blend in."

Trufig offers flush-mount solutions for stone, wood, and drywall applications to provide virtually invisible outlets, keypads, switches, and more for almost any application.

Can you spot the light switches or outlets in this backsplash?
Image provided by Trufig

Lighting control

Lighting control can completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Although having all of the lights at 100 percent brightness my be great for cooking or cleaning, you may want a different effect while entertaining guests or having a romantic dinner.

Along with being one of the easiest ways to save energy and having a "green" home, lighting control and different living scenes can transform a room from a "commercial cooking space" to a "romantic bistro" at the touch of a button.

Shed a little (or a lot of) light on the subject
image provided by Control 4

Look for an upcoming post from David VanWert on technology for your bath.

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  1. Thanks Jamie for having David shoot you some great tips- Great post!


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