21 February 2011

MOLTEN GOLD - Artistic Merit

Last fall, a highly-respected firm in our industry hired me to develop and present a talk for fellow designers on the use of woodcarvings in kitchen and bath design. As always happens when I research a talk, post or article, I learn something new and useful in the process.

This wonderful new 'something' that I learned in creating the Art for Everyday program was that you can design your own custom woodcarvings that the firm's talented craftsmen will produce to your specifications.

Imagine the possibilities...
  • A hood onlay with the family crest
  • Custom fireplace mantel with a literary inspiration
  • Corbels featuring the family pet
  • Island posts inspired by a vacation
  • Crown molding with a favorite flower carved into it
  • The options are as unlimited as your imagination

I can't wait to have a project that calls for this feature -- maybe even Chez J, my own micro-manse! While the potential for personalizing is tremendous, the cost doesn't have to be. Choose one key focal point to customize and go with more standard elements in the rest of the space.

A custom carving like this Art for Everyday beauty could be your client's likeness!

Confucius, as shown in this Art for Everyday original, could be an inspiration for a custom carving

A favorite flower could inspire a custom carving, as it did this Art for Everyday original

Also, be careful about designing a component that would violate prevailing neighborhood standards if resale is a consideration. Nineteenth Century New York robber baron August Belmont liked to shock his Fifth Avenue neighbors with the erotic statuary in his front hallway; you may not want to go that route in your residential projects.

About Art for Everyday

Art For Everyday is a Canadian producer of architectural woodcarvings and turnings. Offering both contemporary and traditional styles, the company uses premium North American lumber to craft more than 950 woodcarvings in 12 different categories, including corbels, mantels, appliqu├ęs, moldings, capitals, turnings and rosettes. Affordable customization is also available in re-sizing the firm's existing catalog carvings to meet specific project needs.

The Facts

Customized carvings are created in one of Art for Everyday's solid North American wood species, and priced from a designer's renderings and specifications. There is no minimum price on an order. Custom quotes are based on the design's size and detail. Call 416-645-5120 or email sales@afe-in.com. Designers receive their quote within one working day.

Website: http://artforeveryday.com/

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  1. Really neat stuff, Jamie- thanks for sharing! Definitely not something I think of regularly, but would add a TON to a custom space.


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