23 March 2011

Bathroom Technology Guest Post

I recently asked David VanWert, of VanWert Technology Design in Los Angeles, to share his insights on the latest tech advances for kitchens and baths. You can read his terrific kitchen technology guest post by clicking here. What follows are his thoughts on technology for your bathroom. Take it away, Dave...

In a day and age where multi-tasking is a necessity, and our ways of getting information is almost limitless, the bathroom is one place that is often overlooked for entertainment and information delivery. I've complied some of the best technologies currently available for bathrooms everywhere.

TV Mirrors

Whether it's watching the local news while getting ready for work in the morning, or not missing a single play of the big game, Seura TVs offer the most elegant solution for any bathroom. Many homeowners would love a TV in the bathroom, but don't want to give up precious wall or counter space.

Seura offers elegant television mirror solutions that allow you to view your favorite program, then virtually disappear into the mirror when not in use. For clients with high-end taste who always wants to keep up with the action, Seura is the obvious choice.

Bathroom Control Panels

When watching TV just isn't enough, simply add a control panel for your technology needs. At the touch of a button you can turn on your favorite radio station, iPod album, view the current weather outside, adjust the heating and air, view the security cameras, or a slew of other goodies.

By adding a control panel from companies such as Crestron, Savant, Control 4 or others, you can have all of your homes technologies available at your fingertips... Even in the bathroom!

Watch TV, surf the web, monitor your home security panel with a controller like Savant's

Flush-mount power outlets, lighting keypads and touchpanels

Although I did mention this concept in my previous guest post on kitchen technology, I felt it also deserved a spot in a bathroom post, as it fits seamlessly into almost any space, but especially those where rich materials deserve their best possible presentation.

A well designed bathroom will have wonderful fixtures and materials and there are few things that stick out worse than power outlets and light switches. Trufig offers flush mount solutions for stone, wood, and drywall applications to provide virtually invisible outlets, keypads, switches, and more for almost any application.

The outlets and switches are seamless in this Trufig installation


  1. Loving the integrated monitors in the mirrors- fantastic option.

  2. I'm a big fan of the Seura line, myself. They're great!

  3. Wonderful ideas and instructions about bath designing. It's really nice of you to share such helpful stuff.

  4. You're very welcome, but the thanks really go to David VanWert, my terrific tech advisor!

  5. My wife and I stayed at Trump Tower in Chicago and were pleasantly surprised at the tv in the mirror in the bathroom. Trump always tries to overcome one's expectations and he sure did ours. I love your vanity in wood photo. You have grand taste and am sure that you enjoy your work and creativity!

  6. I first saw one of those at a hotel in Cambridge, MA. Loved, loved, loved it! Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. I do enjoy my work immensely.


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