31 May 2011

Food Preservation Tips from Sub-Zero

You've got containers full of ribs, chicken, burgers, salad, corn and other goodies from the weekend's barbecue. Would you like to see them last longer?

The Freshness Card below can help! (Click on each side to read more easily.) It comes with Sub-Zero's built-in refrigerator line. I learned about these cards, and many of the other food preservation features built into their products when Sub-Zero Wolf brought me to their Madison, Wis. headquarters last month.

You don't need a Sub-Zero refrigerator in your kitchen to use the tips on these Freshness Cards, reprinted here with their permission. But their dual compression system and NASA-based air filtration technology can certainly help! When you calculate the amount of grocery dollars lost to food spoilage, the investment makes even more sense. When I build my next home, I expect it will have a Sub-Zero refrigerator in the kitchen.

Keep food fresh in a stylish Sub-Zero BI-36UG built-in refrigerator


  1. I love my sub zero though we have a little bit of trouble with the ice maker shooting ice everywhere. We consider it minor and kind of funny sometimes. In fact, this reminds me that my husband needs to clean the top vent!

  2. Nice resource, Jamie- Can't believe I'd never seen it... Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is pretty nifty! I hadn't seen or heard about them before either.

  4. Jamie - I LOVE your write-up on the "Freshness Cards" and am VERY pleased to know that your next refrigerator will be a Sub-Zero! Remember that the information printed on the Freshness cards is applicable IF you have your food stored in a Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer. The dual refrigeration system, combined with the air purification is what keeps the food fresher longer; therefore, allowing Sub-Zero to publish these lengths of storage! Cathy

  5. That's an excellent point, Cathy. Food will last longer in a Sub-Zero, to the levels indicated on the card. Not all readers will enjoy this longevity -- another good reason for switching!

    FYI to my readers: Cathy and the Sub-Zero service team have suggested a solution to La Jolla Mom for her hyperactive icemaker.


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