04 October 2011

NIFTY NUGGETS – SlipcoverShop.com

This is the second in an occasional series of small, helpful finds I come across on projects. As I mentioned in my first Nifty Nuggets post, some will come from clients’ kitchen or bath redos, some from my own adventures in remodeling and decoration. This Nugget, like the one before, comes from a Chez J dining room discovery.

A few months back, after the moving company finally paid my damaged furniture claim, I bought six new upholstered Henriksdal dining chairs from Ikea. I found them to be extremely comfortable and, at $60 apiece, extremely well-priced, too.

The only challenge they presented was that the full-length covers I wanted only came in white and I couldn’t find any ready-made covers from other sources that would fit the Henriksdal's over-sized dimensions. Off-the-rack SureFit and Pottery Barn covers that covered chairs I've owned in the past were inches too small for the Henriksdals. Darn, darn, darn!

The cost of having custom covers made started at $150 apiece, obliterating the affordability of the Ikea chairs. So I turned to the Internet. (How did we all get along before it???)

A website called Slipcovershop.com came up in my search. The Woodside, NY-based firm offered the natural cotton duck I was seeking, and would make four dining chair covers to whatever dimensions I sent them for $159. This struck me as a pretty good deal.

The company was prompt in sending fabric samples at no charge, and in responding to several measurement questions I asked by email. They also had knowledgeable phone reps, which added to my feeling of confidence in ordering from them.

So I took all the measurements they requested, plugged them into their user-friendly online form, sent photos of the chair, per their request, and entered my credit card information.

The covers arrived when the confirmation said they would, fit perfectly and saved me about $600 on this small project. (That will more than pay for the two large pendants going over the dining table and their installation, too.)

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this online provider to friends or clients.


  1. Excellent find, Jamie! Already added them to my bookmarks.

  2. I'm sure glad I found them, too! Thanks, as always, for stopping by.


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