03 April 2012

More Houzzing Around - Extras Edition

Here are three Houzz Ideabooks I created that offer you the chance to create some special spaces in your home. These are the "added value" features that let you personalize your residence while adding fun and functionality. Hope you enjoy them!

Create a Family Landing Zone

Landing zones are those spots in or near your kitchen that provide space for book bags, purses, brief cases, keys, mail and the other clutter of daily life to land... So that they don't end up on your countertops! This Ideabook shares tips on how to create one that fits your household's needs.

Create a Morning Kitchen

The editorial team changed the name of this Ideabook to Mini-Kitchen, but it was really intended to be the luxury add-on to your master or guest bedrooms. I'm thinking of adding one to the third floor landing of my own "Chez J" townhome. That will save me and my guests trips downstairs for a glass of water or cup of tea in the middle of the night.

The popularity of Mad Men has really brought home the value of a mini bar -- at work or home. This Ideabook shared tips on creating one in your abode. I don't drink much myself, but I like having a spot dedicated to enjoying wine in my entertaining zone. What about you?

FYI: Many of the images used in my Ideabooks (and others', as well) on Houzz were shared by talented colleagues from across the country. Their names of the firms that contributed these fabulous shots are listed below their project pix.

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