27 March 2012

Smart Home Security - Guest Post by Madison Parker of Home Security Systems Blog

Done well, home security blends into your architectural and interior design, sight unseen. It should be unobtrusive and user-friendly, dependable but as invisible as possible. Like many other aspects of our lives, security is increasingly being tied into our tablets and smart phones. When Madison Parker of the very informative blog, Home Security Systems, offered me a guest post on the latest home security trends, I thought it was something we’d all find valuable:


Smart home technology means that advances in sensors, remote control devices, and key pad- based information systems can be tied to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. When home designs fully integrate and employ smart home technology, greater homeowner comfort and security are virtually guaranteed.

Smart home systems are being built into homes to manage a variety of systems from heat and air conditioning to security systems, appliances, temperature- and light-controlling window coverings and sprinkler systems. Smart systems’ remote control and remote access wherever an Internet connection can be established will mean that lighting, heating and cooling, and electricity fed to appliances can be shut off or turned on, lowered or raised, from any location.

Smart home controls integrates all aspects of a smart home’s utilities from temperature to security, audio, and visual controls.
(Photo Credit: Control4)

Smart technology is being developed for interior lighting, too. Built in features turn lights on and off by the time of day, regulate brightness, and even include sensors that will activate or deactivate lighting in individual rooms based on whether that room is occupied. Smart occupancy sensors can also be used to respond to the amount of available natural light in any given room, or along outdoor paths and walk ways.

If you’ve ever worried about leaving the stove on when you left on your vacation, you’ll want to know about power strips that recognize when an appliance is turned on – and turn it off for you when necessary.

Smart security systems with motion detectors, security camera feeds and perimeter alarms can be activated and observed remotely. Smart homes will also feature intelligent energy-saving devices such as these solar-powered house numbers and security lighting.

Solar-powered,illuminated house numbers help ensure that emergency response teams can locate your home quickly, and help visitors and delivery personnel to locate your home.
(Photo Credit: PR Web)


Madison Parker is a security expert whose interests range from personal to home security systems. Get more tips and advice on the blog Home Security Systems.


  1. Do your homework and determine how many windows and doors you want to be trapped or embed the alarm system at home.
    Identify possible locations for the control panel and keypads. You may serve to put a keypad near the front door
    You may also want a keyboard near the bedrooms
    Calculate how far the windows and doors are from the control panel, so you know how long cables will be installed
    if you choose a wired alarm system how far a wireless system should communicate with radar
    Keep in mind that it is difficult to install an alarm system wired into a home because you will see the cable unless your home is still under construction.
    Decide if you want a controlled alarm system should be monitored 24 hours a day. monitoring station with a monthly fee. (10 €) About
    A more economical solution is is to put a banner in voice alarm system that connects to the telephone lines to preset numbers or breaches of the house you will notice on your phone

  2. Thank you so much for this. Loved that you had room for a guest post.

  3. It's always great to get expert insights. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your lovely words.

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  5. Home security is the need of the hour. By posting this great info, you have done a really great contribution. Thanks for the ideas on how we can have a tight home security.

  6. I agree that it's important... Thanks for your kind words.

  7. That was very rational. When deciding to put up security cameras, determine first the areas you’d like monitored. This gadget could be quite expensive if you’d put up one unit in every corner of the house. The key to such problem is proper angling. Home safety is paramount, that’s why it is really good news that home security cams are more affordable now. Having a secure home wouldn’t then be at all impossible for some people.

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