07 August 2012

Football Fan's Man Cave Ideas

Football season is fast approaching, so I thought I’d share some updated man cave insights for Gold Notes fans and/or their favorite guys. 

Granted, design isn’t usually the top consideration for these spaces. Each man has his own cave priorities. These may include comfort, socializing, relaxation, escape, fitness, nostalgia or a specific set of activities that engage him. There’s no such thing as a generic man cave, the way you could say there’s a generic kitchen or bath. 

That being the case, I’m going to gear these thoughts toward the sports fan’s man cave. He’s going to want… 

Comfortable worry-free seating 

Leather is a great, comfortable option.  A deep sofa and/or recliners make perfect sense for a man cave, depending on your room size.

Deep leather Lancaster couch from Restoration Hardware creates a comfy football watching environment
Buster Leather Recliner is another football fan favorite from Restoration Hardware

Big Screen Television

I'm not making recommendations here as it's not my area of expertise, but there are plenty of experts who do.  Find the one(s) you trust and bring your room dimensions with you for optimal size for your space.  

Something to put it on and hold related components 

Your TV size, room size and the number of components will dictate the storage you choose, as well as what else you might want to hold.  A custom built-in is always an option but may not fit your budget or long-term needs.  There are some very nice freestanding models on the market.  

Choose a TV stand -- possibly this Vetrina 60" Media Console from Ballard Designs -- that fits the size and number of components and the room's decor

Refreshment storage 

Beverage fridges come in multiple sizes and configurations, including stainless or panel-ready.  Capacity, space and budget will dictate what you go for.  They also fit great into built-in storage for the best effect.  

3000 Series Beverage Fridge from U-Line holds beer, soda and more

Mementos featuring his team

Everyone has their own preference, of course, but a grown-up man cave won't have posters tacked to the wall.  Framed collectibles and artwork make for the best visual effect.  Be sure that whoever frames a valuable item has experience with preservation techniques.

Collectibles, like this framed Tampa Bay Buccaneers Superbowl photo from the NFL Shop, add personalized style to a man cave

More man cave tips

Lighting will be important for this space.  I suggest energy-friendly, dimmable LED ceiling lights and table lamps close to outlets so no one tips over a cord when his team makes a touchdown.

Window coverings are key if TV watching is the focus.  There are two ways to go here.  One would be drapes with black-out liners.  If this is the approach, a stain-resistant, easy-care fabric that will stand up to greasy fingers opening and closing them is one option.  The other would be faux wood shutters or blinds, but they will typically allow in slivers of light.

Flooring should be easy care, too.  It could be easily-replaceable carpet tiles or low maintenance engineered, distressed-look wood.  


  1. Haha this is great. I'm sure my boyfriend would die to have his own man cave. Would like to hear your opinion on where in the house this man cave would be..basement? Attic? God forbid, the entire living room itself? I wonder if others have been successful in creating a man cave and if so where they managed to put it!

  2. Thanks, Erin. I def don't suggest putting the man cave in the living room! A finished basement sounds great, especially if there's a bathroom down there. Ideally, you want separation and noise control. Good ventilation helps, too, if they're going to be smoking in that space.

  3. I'm glad my husband doesn't need a man cave (he'd rather be outside), but if he did this is one I could live with, Jamie! Very attractive. And I love that little leather recliner.

  4. Check out this week's post, Jean. It's for us!


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