21 August 2012

Stairs and Stares

My life is filled with stairs.  Always has been.  The house I grew up in had three floors, including our after-school basement playroom.  The staircase leading from the main floor to the second had bookcases that my dad built in.  They held our World Book Encyclopedia set. 

The first condo and homes I owned each had two.  My current townhouse, affectionately known as Chez J, has three.  And if running up and down those to work, eat, relax and sleep isn't enough, my regular exercise path takes me up and down a triple flight of stairs 10 times.  Love 'em!

My ongoing relationship with stairs inspired today's post on some fabulous staircase ideas.  I hope you like them. They're all from Houzz.com, one of the sites I've contributed to this year.

I've always adored decorative tile and traditional Spanish architecture.  Here, those two elements come together in a stunning tiled staircase.    Fantastico!


I love how the space below this traditional staircase is optimized with both display shelves and a coat closet.  

This home also takes advantage of under-staircase space to create a family landing zone.  Despite how clearly well-used it is, the clean lines of this built-in make it feel uncluttered.

I lean toward traditional and transitional in my personal design taste, but I thought this modern staircase was really sharp.  

I love pattern.  Be it florals, animal prints, plaids, stripes, whatever.  Just absolutely love it!  Here's a fun black and white runner kicking up the fun on this classic staircase.  


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