04 September 2012

Autumn Inspirations

I grew up in New York City, where Labor Day meant school was about to start again and Fall was in the air. It didn’t matter that the thermometer and official calendar still read Summer. As far as we were concerned, Autumn was officially here.

Now I live in San Diego, where it’s pretty much summer all year round. (Not complaining.) As the days grow shorter, though, I know the fall season has begun.

In that spirit, I thought I’d share a few Autumn inspirations today.

Lustrous wood cabinetry and furniture
(Photo: Bornholm Kitchen)

Jewel-toned paisleys
(Photo:  Kravet)
Warm brick-toned walls
(Photo:  Sherwin-Williams)

Cozy, whiskey-warmed leathers
(Photo:  Pottery Barn)

Lustrous bronze and crackling fireplaces!
(Photo:  Pleasanthearthfireplacedoors.com)

Cuddly, chunky wool throws
(Photo:  Pottery Barn)

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