25 September 2012

A Post Inspired by Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, begins at sundown today, Tuesday, 26 September 2012, and ends at sundown tomorrow.  It is one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar.  

I decided to share some Jewish-themed design elements, not specifically tied to Yom Kippur, but inspired by its arrival this evening.

Here is an organically-inspired candelabra that would make a beautiful Chanukah menorah, updating the traditional festival of lights for modern living.  

(Photo Courtesy:  West Elm) 

The Jewish Sabbath is called Shabbat, and runs from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.  It is observed with several rituals, including the weekly lighting and blessing of the Shabbat candles.  Crystal candlesticks make that lovely ritual even more beautiful, in my opinion.  This pair from Tiffany was a wedding gift that I still cherish.

(Photo Courtesy:  Tiffany)

I love this Kiddush cup, used for blessing and drinking ritual wine at synagogue or family dinners on Shabbat and holidays.

(Photo Courtesy: Amazon.com) 

Another significant Jewish holiday is Passover, the celebration of Exodus.  Ritual foods are placed on a Passover plate.  While most of them are elaborately and colorfully painted, I really like the unique beauty of this hand-crafted silver plate from Melanie Dankowicz, an award-winning artist on Etsy.com.

(Photo Courtesy:  Etsy.com )
May everyone observing Yom Kippur have an easy fast and be inscribed in the Book of Life for the New Year.  


  1. The concept of candles on tree creepers is amazing. How it will look like if we add electric bulbs instead of these candle lights and place it in a garden!

  2. Great piece Jamie! I'm going to look into the tree Menorah for my Bubby as Chanukah gets closer. In fact, I'm definitely going to include it in the next DIY design piece I write (I'll link back to your article as well).

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. My pleasure, Nick! Please share a link to the post when you publish it.


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