02 October 2012

Gold for Guys

I'm writing this on a Friday evening.  I talk to my favorite guy -- my 83-year-old father -- every Friday afternoon after the stock market closes.  (He still day trades daily!)  We talk about what he's up to, what the market is doing and what I've got going on. I look forward to these conversations every week.  Today, we talked about his house, which he has on the market in San Francisco.  (Anyone want to buy a lovingly-restored Painted Lady?)

This got me thinking about the spaces (and gear) men enjoy that you or your guy might, too.

My architectural advisor (and BFF) Dean Larkin, AIA, tipped me off years ago to the sex appeal of a great garage.  I don't recall the exact wording he used but a penthouse for your Porsche was the impression I came away from that conversation with.

Here's one for your consideration:

Most of the guys I know love watching movies and sports on big TVs.  And sprawling comfortably while they do it.  Here's a space they might enjoy if (a) the sofa fabric was stain resistant so they didn't have to worry about spilling beer or food on it, (b) there were some trays around to set glasses, bottles and snacks on, (c) there was a fridge nearby to keep the drinks chilled and (d) a bathroom next door.

Wanna play?  Whether it's billiards or poker, guys enjoy having a place to play at home.  Here's one with Bond-worthy style, don't you think?

Don't want a chubby hubby?  Give him (and yourself) a wonderfully-equipped home gym!

What "Guy Gold" would you like to see next time?

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  1. Our garage is now my husband's 'weekend workshop'. After a recent kitchen remodel, some of the cabinets were relegated to the garage. Prior to the remodel, the garage was filled with storage containers. He built a platform hanging from the ceiling to store them which created much more available floor space for our two-car garage that now allows for his woodworking tools and welding equipment. My son-in-law on a recent visit installed a 220 outlet so he could weld. We still have room for one car to park. So on weekends, I back it out and he has the workshop he's always dreamed of.


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