16 October 2012

Molten Gold - Mad for Plaid

I love patterns in decor: Animal prints, florals, stripes, paisleys, checks and, of course, plaids. My own home is full of patterned elements, but it’s rare that I get to design them into client projects. 

This is not because my clientele is resistant, but because you seldom find patterns in the kind of built-in elements I typically specify. 

Well, that just changed. Big time.  Thank you, Sara Baldwin and New Ravenna Mosaics. (New Ravenna happens to be one of my favorite tile companies, too, so their latest release was a double-header for me!) 

McIntyre by New Ravenna

About the Collection 

Sara’s new Plaid and Gingham Collection is comprised of five classic designs -- Rory, Hamish, Bonnie, Conner, and McIntyre -- all inspired by her Scottish ancestors and rendered in jewel glass and natural stone mosaics. 

Each of the five designs was created by hand-cutting and assembling the individual pieces into mosaics. They are then customized for every installation. 

Rory by New Ravenna

Hamish by New Ravenna

About the Tile 

After being assembled, the tessarae, (individual pieces), are held together with clear tape. The mosaic is cut like a jigsaw puzzle with each section numbered. When it arrives at the destination, the tile setter applies it to the surface and then grouts it in place. This creates a seamless design, one of the hallmarks of a mosaic. In glass, the mosaics can be used for any interior vertical surface application. In stone, the mosaics can be applied to floors and walls, indoors or out. 

Bonnie by New Ravenna

About Sara Baldwin and New Ravenna Mosaics 

The mosaics are hand-crafted in Virginia, where Sara grew up, established her company and trained a team of more than 100 artisans in the ancient art of mosaic. In the process, she has provided job training, economic development and employment in her local community. 

More than 200 Sara Baldwin designs can be found in tile showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Dubai. More than likely, one or more of those designs will find their way into my next “forever” home, too. 

Named for the epicenter of Italian-Byzantine tile work, New Ravenna Mosaics are sold through exclusive designer showrooms across the country and internationally. The company also provides design services and on-site installation supervision. 

Hamish by New Ravenna

The Facts 

Specifications: On website 

Web site:  www.newravenna.com 


Starts at... 
Connor Glass: $58/SF 
Hamish Glass $ 104/SF 
McIntyre Stone: $86 SF 
Rory Glass: $ 91 SF 
Bonnie Glass: $48 SF 
Bonnie stone: $55 SF


  1. I'm so glad to see others embrace color and pattern in design - we're certainly kindred souls. I'm always impressed with Sara's adroit design skills in creating stunning mosaics. Once again the Plaid and Gingham Collection does not disappoint. Thanks for sharing these amazing collections.

  2. Thank you, Bill, for your comments. I adore your tiles, (readers, check out: http://www.aventetile.com/index.cfm for gorgeous work!), too -- full of color and pattern.


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