30 October 2012

MOLTEN GOLD - Mock Croc Totally Rocks!

I love a luxurious crocodile accessory as much as the next gal... Maybe more. Crafted into a fine handbag or sumptuous pair of shoes, this distinctive leather feels sensuous and exotic, (two of my favorite flavors). 

So imagine my glee when I discovered mock croc in a bathroom line! This brand new series of bathroom furniture from Topex Hardware came into my in-box last week, and I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you! 

Leather Collection in Dark Crocodile
(Photo:  Topex Hardware and Armadi Art Aqua Collection)

The series is called the Armadi® Art Aqua Collection and comes in Dark and Light Crocodile.   (Boy, would I love to see red, black and a few other shades!)  Here’s another tasty tidbit: these sexy sets also come complete with hardware, countertops, sinks and mirror.  

In addition to the vanities, there are also coordinating storage and medicine cabinets, (sold separately). 

Leather Collection in Light Crocodile
(Photo:  Topex Hardware and Armadi Art Aqua Collection)

Armadi® Art Aqua Collection

For the Leather collection, Topex uses a leatherette similar to the one you'll find in nicer cars. The entire collection is scratch-resistant, waterproof and humidity resistant, making it suitable for even busy bathrooms.  In other words, you don’t need to limit it to powder room use, though it would look sensational in that setting.  I can definitely see specifying a pair of these for a modern master suite.

Even the cabinet interiors are water-resistant and – cool factor, here – lined with faux leather, too. The glides on these one- and two-drawer vanities open and close with silent, soft-close technology, (which is a sweet, sleep-friendly feature for an en suite bath). 

Delicious Dark Crocodile Vanity
(Photo:  Topex Hardware and Armadi Art Aqua Collection)

About Topex Hardware

These fab furnishings are brought to market by a new, unlikely player. Topex Hardware is an international company providing high-end decorative hardware products, including Swarovski Crystal bath accessories.  (Love those knobs!)  I consider this debut series a great expansion of a quality brand and hope they continue to croc on, bringing even more colors to market. 

Light Crocodile Vanity Close-up
(Photo:  Topex Hardware and Armadi Art Aqua Collection)

The Facts 

Specifications:  Available sizes: 24-, 28-, 36-, and 42-inch sizes  

Price: Range from $3,185 for a 24" vanity with one drawer to $4,025 for 36" two-drawer vanity. 

Warranty:  Five year limited warranty.

Web Sites:  Armadiaqua.com  and TopexHardware.com.

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