13 November 2012

Three Tips from New Kitchen Ideas That Work

I'm excited to share that my first book, New Kitchen Ideas That Work, is ready to ship on Amazon.com!  Here are three tips from its 224 tip-heavy, full-color pages.


Got a new iPhone 5 or Kindle Fire recently? Integrate it into your kitchen design. We all spend more and more time with our hot, new portable gadgets. Explore ways of integrating these new “appliances,” as well as your WiFi, television and desktop computer into your kitchen. 

Hide your iPhone safely away when it's not in use
(Photo Courtesy:  S-Box)

There's a whole spread in the Appliances chapter on integrating your electronics into the kitchen!  


Reduce the spread of cold and flu germs with hands-free kitchen faucets. These public restroom staples have been redesigned for stylish, practical kitchen use. Not only do the new hands-free kitchen faucets reduce the spread of cold and flu germs, they also reduce the risk of food contamination and water bills. The newest models come in popular finishes with convenient features like pull-out functionality and multiple spray settings. 

A hands-free faucet brings convenience, water savings and germ spread reduction to  your kitchen
(Photo Courtesy:  Moen)

There's a whole New Vision spread on the New Sensor Faucets in the Sinks & Faucets chapter!


Create a family landing zone for reduced clutter in this busy indoor season. The dark days of winter are when families spend the most time inside, and are likeliest to get a bit stir crazy from the clutter of everyone’s needs. A family landing zone can ease the stress and keep your kitchen organized year round.

Even a small cabinet with drawers and bag space for each household member can become a family landing zone
(Photo Courtesy:  Grandin Road)

There's a beautiful case study featuring a full-scale family landing zone in the Layouts chapter, and this very same Grandin Road Springfield cabinet in a Working with What You Have section in the Finishing Touches chapter.

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