23 September 2008


Last week, I kvetched about the hurricane and financial market havoc and indulged my retail therapy craving. So I did some shopping for smart and stylish bath storage. I warned that it could be a two-parter. This week, I conclude with smart and stylish kitchen storage. I hope you enjoy! (BTW, if you're interested in this topic, please refer back to my multi-taskers posting for more storage tips.)

Back It Up

Don't let those unused inches between your countertops and wall cabinets go to waste! Put them to work with the Linero Backsplash System that frees up cabinet space with spice, wine, utensil, lid, plate and knife holders. I absolutely LOVE this concept! (Hafele)

Basket Case

Another often untapped storage source is the space above your cabinets. I love tall baskets for those spare inches. Like the Michael's samples shown here, hey look great and hold all those items you need to keep but don't use all that often. Other affordable sources often include: Marshall's, Ross, Pier1 sales, CostPlus World Market and sometimes Target. Shop around!

Top Drawer

If you've ever hunted for a mixing spoon or a particular Tupperware container, only to come up empty and frustrated, you'll love these wood drawer organizers from Rev-A-Shelf. I always incorporate storage accessories into my client projects, and have added them to my own kitchen, as well. Drawer organizers are available for utensils, knife storage, pots, lids and plastic containers and even small spice containers. (Rev-A-Shelf)

Splashy Trasher

This Stainless Steel Compost Keeper will store handsomely under your sink while saving your septic tank and the environment. It looks great and, from what past purchasers say, smells great, too. Plus, it's from my all-time-favorite discount chain -- who'da thunk! (Target)

I Was Blind... But Now I See

I detest blind corner cabinets. You know, the kind where you have to get on your knees with a flashlight to see what's back there? If I absolutely, positively have to use one in a remodel or new construction kitchen, I always go for the unit with swing-out shelves. These Pivot-out Blind Corner Units are now available for existing kitchens, so that you, too, can re-discover the darkest reaches of your most inaccessible cabinet. Note: Be sure to read the specs carefully before ordering! (Knape & Vogt)

Swing Low, Sweet Casseroles

If you have a low ceiling, you probably didn't think you could have a pot rack in your kitchen. And you probably have an older, smaller kitchen that could use this cabinet-liberator, too! Enclume has made several Low-Ceiling Pot Racks that let you have the best of both worlds: ready-access cookware and more space in your base cabinets. (Amazon)

Oh So Pretty Powder Kegs

So maybe you don't have a few thousand spare dollars hanging around the house for stainless steel appliances right now. That doesn't mean you can have a bit o'bling in your kitchen. All-Clad has a nifty set of three stainless steel canisters that will brighten your countertops and keep your flour, sugar and coffee safe and dry at the same, stylish time. (Amazon)

Final Words

As I noted last week, I didn't include page links or prices with this posting. That's because items occasionally go on sale or get discontinued and I don't care to mislead my readers. So, I'm supplying links to the company sites instead and citing related product names.

You may also be interested in knowing that I provide local design shopping services in the Tampa Bay Area. If you need help coordinating your kitchen or bath furnishings, you can hire me to shop with you, (and take advantage of my trade discounts at the same time). E-mail me at jamie@jgkitchens.com if you'd like to know more about this service.

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