26 July 2012

Four Favorite Bath Products - Fixtures Living

Can a plumbing showroom be cool?  You bet!  Fixtures Living is one of my favorite design spots in San Diego.  They've got gorgeous displays, knowledgeable reps, great events and a free, fabulous chef-prepared lunch every Friday.  (They also have Rancho Mirage and Costa Mesa locations for my farther-flung friends.)  Maria Swanson, (@MariaSwanson on Twitter), Fixture's Marketing Director, responded to my call for Four Favorite Bath Products.  Here is her must-have list.  (It coincides with my own must-have list, too!)


Let me start by saying, Happy Fourth Anniversary, Gold Notes! When Jamie asked if I’d write a guest post about my four favorite bath fixtures, I wasn’t sure how I was going to choose! So I went shopping! And as I did, I considered a variety of things - price, space, moxie, and of course, sheer indulgence! 

Aimes Ceiling-Mount Showerhead with LED lighting by Toto

Beautiful and sustainable. This hydro-powered shower head by Toto has an 11” spray face, rubber nozzles to prevent lime scale build-up and LED lighting that is powered by the sheer force of the water running through it! 

Eco-friendly Aimes shower head brings the rain forest home
(Photo Courtesy:  Toto)

Uplift Cabinet by Robern

This is not your grandma’s medicine cabinet! This unique vertically-opening no-swing door from Robern allows for use in spaces that… well, might not have a lot of clearance. The sliding door stays in position so it can be opened just a little or a lot. And it comes with all kinds of options including a TV mount that accommodates up to a 19” flat screen or LCD! 

Uplift brings innovation to your medicine cabinet
(Photo Courtesy:  Robern)

Washlet by Toto 

Not sure how ready you are to step into the world of personal cleansing? Is the price tag one of the reasons? Then you should definitely consider the Toto Washlet. A lot of the same fun functions as the expensive toilets (auto and remote control flushing, aerated warm water, front and  rear washing, massage feature, warm air dryer , auto air purifier, heated seat and more) at a fraction of the cost. 

The Washlet brings high-end hygiene to your home
(Photo Courtesy:  Toto)

Vedana by BainUltra 

This is indulgence with benefits! Vedana combines five proven therapies:  aromatherapy, light therapy, sound therapy, chromatherapy and thermo therapy into one integrated therapeutic care system. And not only does BainUltra strive to recreate harmony in your body, it makes every effort to progressively integrate eco-design principles in production to minimize their ecological footprint. 

Vedana brings smart and luxurious showering
(Photo Courtesy:  BainUltra)


Fixtures Living has luxury plumbing, indoor and outdoor appliance showrooms in San Diego, Rancho Mirage and Costa Mesa.  


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  2. For a bath products to buy, you should know where to buy. Choose those who offers wide variety of products so you can choose the right one for your bathroom that will compliment its design.

  3. Thanks, guys. I agree that you should always buy carefully and use experienced, professional installers.

  4. The right lighting fixtures should always be incorporated in any bathroom setting. LED lighting fixtures are the best choice when it comes to cost-efficient and high quality bathroom lighting.

  5. I agree, Athena. I'm a huge LED fan. Thanks for your comment.


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