30 July 2012

Four Favorite Design Books

My bookcase is loaded with books about design, remodeling and architecture.  The first one I ever picked up -- before I was even a designer -- is still tops on that list.  In no particular order, these are my recommendations for starting your design library.  I hope you'll add my first book, New Kitchen Ideas That Work, (Taunton Press), when it publishes in December.

FYI, you can click on any of the book photos and buy them on Amazon.com today.  Each purchase helps support this blog.

Not So Big House
Sarah Susanka
Taunton Press

This book was published in the heyday of the McMansion.  I love, and share, the author's philosophy on building smarter, not larger.  It's even more relevant today than it was when it first came out about 14 years ago.  Build what you need and build it as well as possible.  Amen!

Sheri Koones
Taunton Press

I came across this wonderful book when I was researching a piece for the Tampa Tribune about five years ago.  I had seen some fabulous prefab homes at the International Builder Show and was impressed with the huge strides in quality and style.  This book shows why prefabs are worth considering and what's possible.

Kelly's Kitchen Sync
Kelly Morisseau
Springline Media

Yes, Kelly is a friend of mine and a fellow Blogger 19 member.  She's also a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer and a really sharp writer.  This is a must read before embarking on a kitchen remodel.  

Pottery Barn Bathrooms
Judith Nasatir
Oxmoor House

I'm a long-time devotee of PB style and this book is just pure eye candy for me.  I have to confess, I don't spend much time reading it; I pick it up for the pictures.  Quite frankly, it's my Playboy design porn!

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