17 July 2012

Four Favorite Microwave Drawers - Debbie Schaeffer of Mrs. G's TV and Appliances

I first met Debbie Schaeffer at a Bosch designer event in New York City back in June of 2009.  I was immediately drawn to her energy and enthusiasm.  Then I was impressed by her apparent knowledge of appliances.  It comes from running a third-generation woman-owned appliance retail business called Mrs. G TV & Appliances in Lawrenceville, NJ and blogging about the topic herself at Debbie's Blog.  Debbie has become a valued friend, my go-to gal for all things appliance and a valued Gold Notes advisor/contributor.  So I had to ask her to share her Four Favorites for Gold Notes' Fourth Anniversary Kitchen Week and she chose microwave drawers as her topic.  Read on...


You might think when it comes to purchasing a new kitchen package that the toughest choice for most would be which refrigerator or range to choose, as these are centerpiece appliances in the kitchen. It’s surprising that the piece that baffles our customers the most is actually the microwave. “Where will it fit and what brand should we choose?” is a question we hear often. 

Meet the microwave drawer

Customers want them off the countertops and even hidden, if possible. When underneath the counters is the only place you can put a microwave, we highly recommend considering a microwave drawer. Out of sight, but not out of mind. Now if you’re looking for a convection microwave, stop here. Microwave drawers do not offer a convection setting. Microwave drawers do, however, offer a lot more, and if you’re not in need of convection, you ought to keep these things in mind before you purchase a microwave. 

Microwave drawers are stylish and fit in very nicely with any design. They make it easier to tend to your food because you don’t have to pull the food out to stir, flip or turn it. Just open the drawer, do what you have to do, and close the drawer again. Plus, a standard countertop microwave can take up a lot of space that could be used for other things. A built-in microwave drawer opens up new kitchen space, while still delivering exceptional performance. 

Another great benefit is that once you are done using it, cleanup is a piece of cake. With some conventional microwaves, it is hard to reach all the areas to wipe them down. With a microwave drawer, the unit opens completely so it is easy to reach and clean. If you visit this link on Houzz.com, you can join in on a conversation with real owners of microwave drawers to see what they are saying about the benefits. 

You will see, a microwave drawer has many benefits versus a conventional microwave. Here are my four favorites. 

Jenn-Air- 24” Under Counter Microwave Oven with Drawer Design 

The Jenn-Air microwave drawer is one of my favorite microwave drawers on the market. At an affordable price and with a beautiful look and ample features, this is one of the best out there. The Jenn-Air microwave drawer also matches nicely with other brands of appliances so you should not overlook it just because your other appliances are not Jenn-Air. This microwave drawer is 1.0 cu. ft and is available only in a 24” width model. 
Jenn-Air 24 inch Microwave Drawer JMD2124WS   

Viking- 24” Undercounter DrawerMicro® Oven VMOD241SS 

The Viking DrawerMicro® Oven has a slim design and sleek style that helps maximize kitchen space and matches other Viking appliances. Just install it under a countertop, in an island, or under a wall oven and no trim kit is required. It has 1 cu. ft. of oven capacity it and is sure to give you maximum functionality in a minimized space. The Viking DrawerMicro oven has a child lock safety feature that locks the control panel to prevent small children from opening or operating it. Viking offers this oven in a 24” Professional Oven with a commercial-type styling and design. Viking 24 inch Undercounter DrawerMicro Oven 

Viking- 24” Undercounter DrawerMicro® Oven VMOD241SS 

 Wolf- 30”Drawer Microwave Oven MWD302FS 

Wolf’s Drawer Microwave Oven can be installed in a standard or flush inset application; meaning it will not extend beyond the cabinetry it is installed into. It is available in a 24” width model as well as a 30″ width model. It can be built-in under counter or because they also offer a 30” wide model it can be placed nicely below a Wolf E Series oven.  The Wolf Drawer Microwave Oven’s control panel also contains a locking feature to prevent unwanted use, (great for young children). 
Wolf Microwave Drawer MWD302FS 

Thermador- 24” Built In MicroDrawer MD24JS 

The newest microwave drawer available is the 24” Built In MicroDrawer® from Thermador. This microwave has plenty of room for your cooking needs, as it has a 1.2 cu. ft. capacity, the largest cavity in the luxury segment. Another feature exclusive to the Thermador MicroDrawer is the perfect flush installation that can blend seamlessly with any standard depth cabinetry, so it does not stick out and it fits in beautifully with your kitchen. The design also includes a hidden vent for even further seamless integration, and a premium glass touch control with blue LCD display. In addition, the microwave has 10 cooking modes included. But overall, if design and perfect integration with your kitchen is one of the most important deciding factors for you, then the Thermador MicroDrawer is a great choice that will give you a completely flush installation. 

Thermador 24" Built In MicrowDrawer MD24JS 

All four of these microwaves drawers are great choices and are my four favorite ones. If you already have appliances from one of these brands in your kitchen, then you may prefer that brand of microwave over the others. However, all four of these microwaves are excellent options and do not necessarily have to be the same brand as the appliances you own. With very similar specs and features, the choice mostly comes down to which microwave drawer you like the look of best. Each microwave has its own unique look and style, so in the end you can decide which your favorite is. 


For more info on any of these microwave drawers, visit www.mrsgs.com or come into the store to test drive one that you fancy.

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