27 July 2011

Guest post by Veronika Miller: Three favorite Modenus catalog products

I hope you’ve been enjoying all of these Gold Notes’ “threesomes,” especially the brilliant guest posts! Here’s the latest, contributed by design maven Veronika Miller of Modenus.

This extravagantly delicious site is Designer Central on the Internet, a forum for professionals, manufacturers and design enthusiasts. It shares ideas and inspirations, products and resources. If you haven’t visited yet, go there next!

First, though, please enjoy Veronika’s three favorite products on Modenus.


I never wanted Modenus to be a one-size-fits-all solution, so we decided early on to curate our collection. As a result, we now have a budding collection of more than 5,000 products that we love and can wholeheartedly endorse, usually because of the product's aesthetics, but sometimes because we like the mission or vision of a manufacturer or designer.

So along comes my dear Twitter friend, Jamie, asking for Modenus' three all-time favorite products, which honestly has me squirming, since all the products we showcase are there because my staff and I love them. But OK, Jamie, consider yourself indulged. Here are three personal favorites that made me do a double take... To the other 5184 products, we love you, too.

Three favorites in no particular order:

Jamie Beckwith Flooring Collection – Sextant pattern

I love the Moorish influence in this pattern and and the deeply saturated finishes Jamie Beckwith works with for all of her designs. I want to add that this is an example where I love the product and the story of the spirited woman behind the designs. Jamie's interiors are just as stunning.

Artistic Tile – Ambra Collection

Aside from simply being a gorgeous pattern, I love the craftsmanship that goes into this highly sculptural pattern that creates the impression of two different colored stones when really it's one stone alternating polished and honed. Artistic's collections are ones I love to see at trade shows because I'm a very tactile person and these have to be touched as well as seen.

Zia Priven Lighting – Solano Pendant

An iconic shape that works in so many different settings, it's perfect for those homes I plan to buy right after I get that extra million. I love Marcia Zia-Priven and Paul Priven for their incredible design sense, their pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship and because they've managed to remain down to earth and altogether cool people in spite of success and fame.

I think I will now have to go back to Modenus Blog and re-visit several other amazing product lines I've just come across as I was researching these favorites. Tough project, Jamie but thanks for the opportunity, as it reminded me once again why I love my job.


  1. I'm loving these "threesomes"! :)
    I hadn't seen that Jamie Beckwith flooring...it's amazing!

  2. Thanks, Steph! That flooring is gorgeous. I totally agree with Veronika... All of her picks were to-die-for! Appreciate your visiting Gold Notes. Please stop back soon and feel free to share your impressions.

  3. I think the sculptural pattern really looks good and the smooth. I think waves and curves are really impressive when it comes to putting their emphasis. It creates a balance and highlights whatever you put with them.

  4. Glad you folks like Veronika's great finds! Thanks for stopping by!


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