18 July 2011

Three more kitchen wish list items

Last time, I shared my three personal appliance wishes for Gold Notes’ third anniversary “threesome” celebration. There are more changes I’d like to make to my own – aka Chez J’s – townhome kitchen.

I would dearly love to replace the Santa Cecilia granite countertops with black engineered stone. These will be easier maintenance – i.e., no sealing required – and more to my taste. I like Silestone’s Tao, which mimics Absolute Black granite, with an eased edge and undermount sink. When the cabinets are eventually painted white and the wood floor installed, it’ll be a classic look. (It’ll work with the current cinnamon finish in the meantime.) Although I really like the look of honed stone, polished shows fingerprints less, so I’ll go that Sensible Style route!

I’d also like to add a decorative backsplash. While I love the look of decorative tile, I abhor the maintenance associated with grout. That’s why I’m looking at Caesarstone’s Motivo as my backsplash of choice. It offers the low maintenance of engineered stone with a subtle pattern that will complement my kitchen. It’s currently available only in white; I’m hoping there are more colors, including a soft cream, when I’m ready to install one. This material will also face my living room fireplace, tying the two spaces together.

I would also like to change out the flooring. The existing tan 12 inch ceramic tile is easy to live with, certainly, but I’d prefer to have a wood floor throughout the main living areas, including the kitchen. This will be a large, expensive undertaking. It will also entail figuring out what to do with the dishwasher. The wood floors will be thicker than the tile and lock the dishwasher in place if I don’t plan carefully. This classic Amber Valley Oak by Lumber Liquidators, or something comparable, will go with the cabinets and my furniture.


  1. Have you considered using tile with Quartz-Lock grout? It's impossible to stain it.

  2. I'm not familiar with that product, but I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. perfect use of wood..black looking superb here..nicely managed kitchen...

  4. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll visit Gold Notes again.


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